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Mindful March – Day 11 – When someone is speaking take a full breath before replying

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#Mindful March - Day 11 So we've been consistently practicing little tasks for the last 10 days, simple things to raise awareness And today we have a task that will impact others. And it focuses on how we interact with those around us. So often we are rushing around and busy doing so much all [...]

Mindful March – Day 3 – Cultivate a feeling of loving-kindness toward others

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Welcome to Day 3 So today we focus on loving-kindness... but what on earth does that actually mean?  Well, it's a term that's found both in the bible and in Buddhist teachings. And essentially it's about how we view others. It's easy to look at those close to us and find kind or loving thoughts [...]

The power of your tribe

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Who are you? Jim Rohn says you are the sum of the five people you hang out the most with. Have you ever actually looked at who you spend your time with? Are they people who inspire you, encourage you, wish you the best? Or are they people who moan, make you feel bad and [...]