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Mindful March – Day 27- Notice the sound and feel of each step

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It's Day 27 of MindfulMarch! We are so close to the end of the month and I bet this has already had a significant impact on you. Assuming you've been following of course. Today is a little different. It focuses on something we do without thinking... walking. We take the ability to walk for granted. [...]

International Day of Happiness – Mindful March – Day 20

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Happy International Day of Happiness :) Around the world, people are celebrating the simple act of being happy! Now doest that sound like a good idea. So today is simply doing something that makes you happy and celebrating whatever that may be. Perhaps: Going out for dinner Meeting an old friend Visiting a museum Getting [...]

Mindful March – Day 15 – Take an unusual route & notice what’s different

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It's Day 15 #MindfulMarch Today is yet again another really simple task. Although this may take a little creative thinking on your part. For many of us we have perfected our commute to work or school But today, the challenge is to take a different route. Now that doesnt mean you have to completely change [...]

Mindful March – Day 14 – Do your tasks or chores mindfully

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Welcome to Mindful March - Day 14 Doing chores is just a part of life. But this is still an opportunity to do this mindfully. By simply performing the task but doing so consciously we can incorporate mindfulness into the tasks we do. So many religions talk about performing tasks to the best of our [...]