Welcome to Mindful March – Day 14

Doing chores is just a part of life. But this is still an opportunity to do this mindfully. By simply performing the task but doing so consciously we can incorporate mindfulness into the tasks we do. So many religions talk about performing tasks to the best of our abilities as if we are doing them for someone special in mind. It really doesn’t matter who you have in mind, but imagine how different you would do your daily chores if you thought about doing them for someone special. Imagine when you’re doing the washing up that the Queen might be eating off those plates or when you’re vacuuming that the love of your life could be walking across the floor. What difference could that make to your daily chores?

Either way, all you need to do today is be conscious of your tasks and try to enjoy them thinking of the people who will be benefiting from your work.

Today’s Task – Perform your chores or tasks mindfully


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