Welcome to Mindful March Day 13

One of the best things about doing these tasks on a daily basis is that it slowly helps to retrain your thinking. You don’t need to spend much time on it, you don’t need any specialist equipment. It’s literally taking some time out to spend on you. And with today’s task that’s just a few seconds whenever you can. Hardly taxing is it!  And again as with previous days, I’ve created a handy iphone wallpaper for you to download to remind you throughout the day.

Today’s task: Stop, breathe and just notice, repeat regularly throughout the day.

Today as you take the time to:

  • Stop
  • Breathe
  • Just notice

See what comes up for you. Take in your environment without judging what’s going on. If you’re in the middle of a meeting, just take a few moments to stop and take in your counterparts and just notice what’s going on for a moment. If your traveling, just take a moment to notice the scenery or other travelers. Whatever you’re doing today, you can simply take a few seconds to become more aware.

This is a great way to switch off that auto-pilot we usually have running our lives on a day to day basis. See what comes up for you.

Download today’s wallpaper

Special thanks go to www.actionforhappiness.org for their amazing work and launching Mindful March.