#Mindful March – Day 10

Today is about doing… nothing!

No plans, no to-do lists, no trying to fix anything or be little miss/mr perfect… today is all about slowing down. For some of you, this could be incredibly hard to do. I know myself, that Sunday’s I usually prep for the week ahead. But today, I’m planning on just going with the flow. It might be the perfect day to:

  • Go for a walk somewhere new
  • switch the phone to airplane mode
  • eat out
  • wander around a library
  • or maybe just stay in bed

Don’t put any pressure on yourself to do anything… today is a free day to do whatever takes your fancy … my only caveat is that you enjoy your day!

No plan day, slow down and be spontaneous

Download today’s phone wallpaper as a reminder

Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s update!