Mindful March – Day 19 – Listen deeply to someone and really hear what they say

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Mindful March - Already at Day 19 There is so much noise around us, we are surrounded by distractions whether thats other people, advertising, the news, social media. There's a host of things to distract us day to day so it's often incredibly hard to be present. One of the biggest issues today, especially within [...]

Mindful March – Day 14 – Do your tasks or chores mindfully

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Welcome to Mindful March - Day 14 Doing chores is just a part of life. But this is still an opportunity to do this mindfully. By simply performing the task but doing so consciously we can incorporate mindfulness into the tasks we do. So many religions talk about performing tasks to the best of our [...]

Mindful March – Day 12 – Feel the cool breeze or the warmth of the sun on your face

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#Mindful March Day 12 Today we step outside again and take a moment to appreciate the world we live in. Today your task is to go outside and enjoy either the feel of the breeze or the warmth of the sun on your face.  Enjoy the sensation, the temperature, any feelings it brings up or [...]

Mindful March – Day 11 – When someone is speaking take a full breath before replying

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#Mindful March - Day 11 So we've been consistently practicing little tasks for the last 10 days, simple things to raise awareness And today we have a task that will impact others. And it focuses on how we interact with those around us. So often we are rushing around and busy doing so much all [...]

Mindful March – Day 10 – No plan day, slow down and be spontaneous

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#Mindful March - Day 10 Today is about doing... nothing! No plans, no to-do lists, no trying to fix anything or be little miss/mr perfect... today is all about slowing down. For some of you, this could be incredibly hard to do. I know myself, that Sunday's I usually prep for the week ahead. But [...]