Mindful March – Day 15 – Take an unusual route & notice what’s different

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It's Day 15 #MindfulMarch Today is yet again another really simple task. Although this may take a little creative thinking on your part. For many of us we have perfected our commute to work or school But today, the challenge is to take a different route. Now that doesnt mean you have to completely change [...]

Mindful March – Day 7 – Listen to how you speak to yourself

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Welcome to #MindfulMarch Day 7 We all have an inner voice, sometimes critical, sometimes silly, sometimes it's just plain weird. Did you know we have on average 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day. So we often let that inner voice chatter away in the background without paying that much attention to it. So today's task [...]

Mindful March – Day 5 – Every hour, simply take 3 calm breaths

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Welcome to Day 5 of #MindfulMarch In the last 4 days we've spent time: appreciating our body noticing beauty in our world practicing loving kindness being present with our coffee Today we're focusing on one of the most powerful aspects of mindfulness training - the breath.  It's no coincidence that the majority of meditation practices [...]

Mindful March – Day 3 – Cultivate a feeling of loving-kindness toward others

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Welcome to Day 3 So today we focus on loving-kindness... but what on earth does that actually mean?  Well, it's a term that's found both in the bible and in Buddhist teachings. And essentially it's about how we view others. It's easy to look at those close to us and find kind or loving thoughts [...]

Mindful March – Day 1 – Appreciating you’re alive and have a body

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Welcome to Mindful March! I am so happy to have you here and on this short but transformative journey.  In the next 31 days, you are going to be witnessing some massive changes in your outlook and overall happiness.  And all you have to do is follow the daily guidance on this blog and put [...]