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How to use Digital Transformation Effectively

HOW TO USE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION EFFECTIVELY IN YOUR BUSINESS Digital Transformation is a term that has become increasingly popular as a recent ‘buzzword’. But what does it actually mean? Here Ayse Durmush - The Transformation Expert shares her expertise on what digital transformation actually is and how you can use it in your business. From identifying where data is sat, to how to design new integrated systems. Digital transformation has become a catch-all for many things, some people even call updating the website a ‘digital transformation’. But in reality, true digital transformation is a dramatic change across the entire business, using aspects of digital to make improvements to the bottom line. True digital transformations affects everyone from the CEO to call center staff to people out in the field and ultimately customers. Why go through a digital transformation In reality, digital transformation is actually organizational change, hence the ‘transformation’ part. It can be expensive, take people out of their day to day roles and can take months to plan and execute. So why bother? According to Gartner in 2016 66% of companies expected their digital transformation to generate more revenue and 39% of companies actually expected the [...]

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Why Hire a Consultant for Your business?

Why hire a consultant? There comes a point in the lifecycle of every successful business where the things become a bit stale. Maybe market share is slowing down, or sales seem to have reached a plateau or it just takes too long to get things done. You have all the operation and staff available to you but something just isn’t working within the business. This is the perfect time to bring in a consultant. A consultant is outside expertise who can [...]

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